HMS Amberley Castle - Weather Adviser - Admiral Fitzroy

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HMS Amberley Castle

Built by S.P. Austin & Son Ltd, Sunderland

Launched 27 Nov 1943, Commissioned 24 Nov 1944

HMS Amberley Castle

Photo The Flower Class Forum, taken in 1945

HMS Amberley Castle

Photo The Flower Class Forum

Weather Adviser  (MDBE)

Taken over by the Air ministry in Nov 1959 and then converted to Weather Adviser in 1960 at Blyth, Northumberland. She was commissioned and renamed Weather Adviser by Lady Sutton, wife of the then Director General of the Meteorological Office on 22nd Sep 1960 at Greenock

HMS Amberley Castle

Amberley Castle in Blyth dry dock undergoing conversion to Adviser

Picture from a Blyth Dry Dock Company brochure


Weather Adviser

John Forsyth

John Bell

Degahk at

In the Garvel Dock Dec 1965

Brian Hargreaves

Alongside with Weather Reporter

Ian Coombe at Merchant Navy Nostalgia

Adviser about to handover to Monitor

Waves 25-30ft, wind 45 knots gusting 55-60

John Bell

James Pottinger


Adviser photographed from Monitor during a handover in 1962

Bernard Burton


Adviser photographed from Monitor during a handover in 1962

Bernard Burton

Alongside with Weather Reporter in 1966

William K Work

At station India 1967

2010 Mik Cass

Crew of Adviser watching as Reporter moves away to start her tour on 3rd Aug 1973

Dave Offiler


Admiral Fitzroy

Converted at Manchester Dry Docks Co to Admiral Fitzroy in 1976

The refurbishment consisted of improvement to accommodation, provision of a new fully equipped modern bridge structure, the fitting of a completely new galley, conversion of the ships electrical power supply from dc to ac, automation of the boiler controls, installation of new upper wind finding equipment and the complete re-equipping of the communications installation.

On 14th March 1977 Adviser was recommisioned and named Admiral Fitzroy by Mrs J. Walsh, wife of the Provost of Greenock

She sailed from Greenock on her first duty to station Lima on 20 March 1977

At Manchester during refurbishment 20 Nov 1976

Mike Ridgard

Ben Warlow collection

Colin Campbell

Passing Dunoon at the start of a tour of duty on 25 Sep 1977

Stuart Cameron

Stuart Cameron

J.K. Byass


Jennifer White

At Station Lima in 1976

Derek Ogle

Angus MacKinnon

Photo The Flower Class Forum

Photo The Flower Class Forum

bob the courier at

 With Admiral Beaufort at Troon waiting to be scrapped

Stuart Cameron

Withdrawn from service in 1981 and scrapped in 1982

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