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Fred Brooker Ocean Weather Ship

Welcome to my website about Ocean Weather Ships, is pocket option legal in india These were converted Castle Class Frigates - Reporter, Monitor, Adviser, Surveyor, and Converted Flower Class Corvettes Watcher, Explorer, Recorder, Observer.  These ships spent the remainder of their working life in the Atlantic Ocean collecting weather data which was then sent to the Met Office at Bracknell to produce weather forecasts. The introduction of satellites and unmanned buoys to gather data meant the ships were not needed, The ex Flower Class ships were replaced with the ex Castle Class ships around 1960, 2 of these were  scrapped and 2 refitted in 1977, they continued in a reduced role until being scrapped in the early 1980's

The site is dedicated to my father Fredric Brooker who worked on the ships as a Radio Technician and passed away in Dec 2009

The site has been built with kind donations, some items I have gathered myself and others from my father's collection

The aim is to record as much history about the ships and men that worked on them as possible, and to display to all this almost forgotten piece of history.

I initially designed the site to centre around the is pocket option legit 4 ex Castle Class ships but as I have come to learn more about the whole weather ship concept I have added info about all the ships from the initial WW2 Weather ships right up to the the days of the Starella and also some of the foreign weather ships as this gives a fuller picture of the whole Ocean Weather Service.

What's New

13/12/14  Updated External 2, Crew List, Shipmates Departed, Surveyor, Cumulus II, Memorabilia 2, Role 3, Video   Added Crew page 11


            The Role of the Weather Ships Page 2  Page 3

       HMS Marguerite Weather Observer HMS Marguerite - Weather Observer

       HMS Snowflake Weather Watcher HMS Snowflake - Weather Watcher

       HMS Thyme Weather Explorer HMS Thyme - Weather Explorer

       HMS Genista Weather Recorder HMS Genista - Weather Recorder

            HMS Pevensey Castle Weather Monitor Admiral Beaufort HMS Pevensey Castle - Weather Monitor - Admiral Beaufort

            HMS Amberley Castle Weather Adviser Admiral Fitzroy HMS Amberley Castle - Weather Adviser - Admiral Fitzroy

            HMS Oakham Castle Weather Reporter HMS Oakham Castle - Weather Reporter

            HMS Rushen Castle Weather Surveyor  HMS Rushen Castle - Weather Surveyor

       Other Weather Ships

       WW2 Weather ships WW2 Weather Ships

       HMS Saxifrage Polarfront I HMS Saxifrage - Polarfront I

            HMS Bryony Polarfront II HMS Bryony - Polarfront II

       Polarfront II Polarfront III

       USS Abilene Cirrus USS Abilene - Cirrus

       USS Forsyth Cumulus I USS Forsyth - Cumulus I

       Cumulus II Cumulus II

       Starella Starella


        Ships Crew Ships Crew  Ships Crew Page Ships Crew Page 3 Ships Crew Page 4 Ships Crew Page 5

       Ships Crew Page 6        Ships Crew Page 7    Page 8 Page 9 Page 10

       Page 11

        Crew List Crew List

       Ships Internal Views Ships internal views   

       Ships External Views Ships external views    Page 2

        Miscellaneous Pictures       Page 2

       Articles Documents Articles/Docs    Articles Documents Page 2     Page 3  Page 4  

      Ocean Weather Ship Memorabilia Memorabilia    Ocean Weather Ship Memorabilia Page 2

            Audio Video Audio/Video

       Ocean Weather Ship Technical details Technical

       Cruise Data

        Ocean Weather Ship stories memories Stories & Memories     Page 2

       Model Weather Ships Model Weather Ships

        Timeline of Weather ships Timeline

        Castle Class Corvette Memorial Castle Class Corvette Memorial

        Shipmates departed    Shipmates Departed

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           Ocean Weather Ships discussion forum    Ocean Weather Ships Discussion Forum

                  Events & Meetings

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Also if you would like to be informed when the site is updated  then contact me to be added to a mailing list.

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The following websites have been either a source of material or have a connection with the Weather ships

Please respect copyright, where possible I have gained the owners consent to publish material on this site and request you not use this

material in the public domain without gaining your own consent first.

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